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MPS Presentations at MCTM (2013)

Thank you for taking an interest in presentations by Minneapolis teacher leaders.  These documents will remain posted until at least September 1, 2013.  If you have a resource you are willing to share with Minneapolis in return, please email sarav@mpls.k12.mn.us  We feel lucky to work in a state with such passionate mathematics educators.


A Spa Day in Duluth for First Year Teachers (metaphorical) - Matthew Rowe and Christine Johnson (Patrick Henry High School)

Spa Day Presentation (PDF)


Activities for Building Geometric Connections - Cheryl Tucker

Building Geometric Connections (PDF)


Algebrafying the Basic Facts: Teaching the Facts Via Relational Thinking Session - Mike Wallus

Algebrafying the Basic Facts (PDF)


Empowering Tutors and Parents - Sara VanDerWerf

Empowering Tutors and Parents (PDF)

3 Things Students Struggle With
Empowering Tutors and Parents
Family Brochure NCTM
My Favorite iPad Apps for Tutors and Home
NCTM Homework Snack for Dog
Tutor Math Assessment 
What is in My Mathematics Tutor Bag?
You Can Never Do Enough K-5  6-12
Blank Multiplication Chart
Skip Counting
Shikaku Puzzle
Simple Math Games
24 Game
NCTM Math Puzzles
Product Ku - Light
Math Expressions

Reflection Sheets (At the Bottom of the Page)
Subitizing Documents (Bottom Right Sidebar)

Mr. DeLapp Made a Math Error. How Cool is That? - Sara VanDerWerf

Mr. DeLapp Got a Problem Wrong, How Cool is That? (PDF)

AA Mathematics Vocabulary
Common Error Wed Pt 1
How to Get Students Talking
Mr. DeLapp Note Sheet
Never Say Anything
Skill Practice Common
Tools of Classroom Talk
What's Wrong with this Picture?
Who's Right?
NCTM 5 Key Strategies Article
Routines to Model
VDW Questions Common Errors

Exploring STEM Frameworks
Vocabulary 3rd-11th Grade

Carol Dweck 'Mindset'
Judy Willis 'Learning to Love Math'
My Favorite No video

Quadrilaterals are Special? Prove It! - Cheryl Tucker

Quadrilaterals are Special (PDF)


The Write Angle: Writing as a Formative Assessment in the Classroom - Nicole Bridge

The Write Angle (PDF)


Using OLPA and MCA Data Tools to Improve Student Achievement - Mike Wallus and Sara VanDerWerf