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Students engaged in math class

Welcome to the MPS Mathematics Portal!

This website is designed to provide both parents and students with information and resources regarding the MPS Mathematics Department. This is free math help!

This website includes:

  • Math Curriculum organized by grade level
  • Math Resources to support learning for students, parents, and tutors
  • Opportunities for both students and parents to volunteer in the community


Minneapolis Public Schools Math Vision

MPS graduates can choose to use a mathematical lens to understand problems they encounter in their lives and their work.   
Because of the powerful mathematical problem solving skills of our graduates and the diverse perspectives they bring, Minneapolis and the broader community will be recognized as a global leader in developing effective solutions to the world’s problems.

Minneapolis Public Schools Math Values and Beliefs

  • We value conceptual understanding 
  • We value thinking and reasoning
  • We value building conceptual understanding, thinking, and reasoning in order to develop increased procedural fluency and problem solving flexibility
  • We believe positive math identities must be developed and fostered
  • We believe that mathematics should be seen as a tool to be an influential member of society

Because of these values and beliefs around math instruction, in our Minneapolis Public Schools math classrooms, we see:

  • A Launch, Explore, Summarize model of inquiry focused instruction
  • Students engaged in cognitively demanding tasks
  • Teachers spending more time questioning and less time showing and telling
  • Students engaging in daily academic conversations through effective math discourse
  • Teachers creating a culture in the classroom where all students see themselves as mathematicians
  • Mathematics used as a tool to be an influential member of society