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Math Curriculum Adoption Process
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Math Curriculum Adoption Process

Math Curriculum Adoption Process

MPS is piloting three new math curriculum options in 23 elementary schools as part of a K-12 math curriculum review. 

Curricula (educational programming) and their corresponding instructional materials provide the roadmap to academic success. School districts typically update these materials for each subject every 5-10 years based on the Minnesota K-12 Academic Standards Review Schedule.

Timeline for Adoption Process: Grades K-2 and 3-5

  • MPS is piloting (through June 2022) three new elementary math programs in 23 of our schools. Teachers at each of the pilot schools received corresponding professional development in August.
  • In addition to feedback from participating schools and families, MPS will provide districtwide stakeholders the opportunity to preview programs from each of the vendors being piloted in schools.
  • In spring 2022, MPS will select one curriculum from the K-2 and 3-5 pilots that is the strongest fit for MPS based on the teacher, student and community evaluation results. Depending on the strength of the results, these programs will either be fully implemented in fall 2022 with all K-5 schools OR move into the field testing phase.

Timeline for Adoption Process: Grades 6-12

  • New math materials for grades 6-12 will be piloted starting in fall 2022.
  • Curriculum vendor(s) will be selected by June 2023 for grades 6-12, with plans for full implementation in all 6-12 grades in fall 2023.

Learn More

Families are encouraged to watch the videos below that correspond with the curriculum being piloted at their child’s school according to the following tables. For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have questions or feedback about your school’s math curriculum pilot, please contact your school principal.

Grades K-2 Math Adoption Pilot Sites - first semester

Savvas - Investigations 3

Math Learning Center - Bridges / Number Corner

Green Central Park


Jenny Lind


Lake Harriet Lower


Pillsbury Community

Lucy Laney


Waite Park


Grades 3-5 Math Adoption Pilot Sites - first semester

Math Learning Center - Bridges / Number Corner

McGraw Hill - Reveal Mathematics

Savvas - Investigations 3


Bryn Mawr








Green Central Park

Lake Harriet Upper

Nellie Stone





Watch the Videos

English, español, Soomaali



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