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Wondering what you can do to help your child with mathematics?

Here at MPS, we understand that learning happens outside of the classroom. This means that we've compiled a list of games and activities to be played on/offline. These resources have been selected for their alignment with the state's math standards and have been approved by the MPS District Math Department.

School Matters

Watch the first few minutes of this video which takes place in a dual immersion math classroom at Emerson.

Simple Math Games (Spanish Version Included)

Do you have a child in Kindergarten? These are some simple math games that can be played to help students with their math understanding.

Talking to Kids About Math (Spanish Version Included)

Afraid of math? Your kids don't have to be. Learn how to talk about math in a way that will benefit you and your children.

How to Add and Subtract (Spanish Version Included)

Is your child in grades 2-5? Want to help add or subtract multi-digit numbers?

Ex: 325 + 117   or 534 - 236

Math Examples

Did you learn math differently than your students? Want to know how students are learning division and multiplication today? How about adding and subtracting large numbers?